A Tale of Two Approaches to DGR

At the Goodwill Summer Conference 2017 in Charlotte many sessions addressed the future of Donated Goods Retail. The upshot of these sessions boils down to two distinct approaches to maximizing value and increasing sales.  The first approach focuses on tagging speed and avoids new technologies like bar coding and inventory management. The second approach focuses…

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The Secret to Growing Your Thrift Business: QR Codes

The Secret to Growing Your Thrift Business   The success of your thrift store business depends heavily on information and the actions you take based on that information. In particular, donation and production data is critical. But how do you effectively collect the information you need and make sound business decisions? The answer? QR Codes….

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How to evaluate POS systems

5-Point Checklist for Evaluating Thrift POS Systems   With numerous Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems available, evaluating and selecting the right one for your thrift store can be overwhelming.  Many vendors tout features that can be used for “all types of vertical markets.”  Yet, the thrift industry is often not included, or worse, gets lumped together with…

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