Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

Today’s IT department needs to know about problems when they arise. But that’s not enough, you need a complete solution: monitor, manage, and fix.​We start by assigning a Primary Support Engineer to you. This engineer is responsible for all technical issues 24 x 7. At Foresight, we believe ownership and accountability are required for effective and efficient systems management. Accountability drives engineers to seek root cause rather than alleviate symptoms because they know if a problem persists, they’re the ones who must address it. Thus, engineers are incented to prevent problems and minimize downtime. In addition, we train our engineers to follow a systematic process when resolving problems including proper planning and change control procedures.

Before turning on the service, Foresight performs a “Healthcheck and Certification” on the system. This involves gathering information about the hardware, network, Operating System, database, and application to identify the various points of vulnerability. We will present our findings along with recommendations to your team and assist in implementing any agreed upon changes. Our analysis and recommendations are based on experience gained through managing hundreds of systems and are designed to maximize uptime, performance, and scalability.​

Once the system is certified for management, we install the Foresight Suite of monitoring software. This software is designed to collect information about various aspects of computer operations (we might put a link to the base events). Along with collecting the data, it analyzes the data for changes and thresholds. Depending on the analysis, the proper parties will be notified. Lastly, this data is used for the IT management reports.

​Typical managed service providers resist managing custom applications because they find it difficult to create custom monitoring tasks. We welcome all applications. Our platform makes it extremely easy to customize agents for a particular application or need. Some of our custom agents include: checking fulfillment queues to verify they’re draining, retrying ftp batch requests until succeeded, source code controlling configuration files, removing old workflow messages, and verifying database replication.

With Foresight, you get a complete solution.

  • monitor, manage, and fix your equipment anywhere
  • production administration staff at a fraction of the price
  • named engineer who will take ownership and be accountable
  • complex application infrastructure management
  • custom monitoring agents that fits your environment like a glove
  • decades of expertise in systems management