Systems Performance Management

Systems Performance Management

Traditional tuning methods are unreliable. They may help in the short term, but there’s no guarantee that the system will stay in tune. In many cases, problems return soon after the tuning is “completed”. Foresight’s performance management solution is different. Whether there’s an issue with your network, database, or custom application, we can find the answers. Our systematic approach to performance tuning will not only eliminate bottlenecks, but it will keep them from coming back.

We begin by creating a baseline of your application. This shows us how your system performs before any tuning activity. The baseline covers macro issues (e.g. CPU utilization, disk I/O, and network usage) as well as detailed issues (e.g. individual URL timing, individual SQL statements and timing). Using this information, we identify bottlenecks and establish a performance rating for each component ofthe system. Then, we analyze the bottlenecks and tune the various components one by one. After each component is tuned, we establish a new performance rating to measure the improvement.

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This process is repeated with the timing thresholds set lower and lower until application performance is acceptable. By then, most of the big problems are gone and only the smaller ones remain. Now, we go into maintenance mode. In maintenance mode, we are only looking for tasks that exceed our strict performance thresholds. If the tuning activity is done properly, there won’t be that many new items to tune. But, if performance problems arise, we see them immediately and take action.

Once the system is certified for management, we install the Foresight Suite of monitoring software. This software is designed to collect information about various aspects of computer operations (we might put a link to the base events). Along with collecting the data, it analyzes the data for changes and thresholds. Depending on the analysis, the proper parties will be notified. Lastly, this data is used for the IT management reports.