Triage Method of Pricing

Triage Method of Pricing

With a new incentive system in place, pricers will want to maximize sales. Goodwill should provide as much help as possible to boost sales. One approach to better sales is to use a triage method to pricing. This is similar to a hospital emergency room where they treat patients with life-threatening injuries before they treat patients with less severe injuries.

Rather than plowing through the entire crate full of donations, a pricer can pick through it for the absolute best items first. Best is defined as the most likely to sell based on sales trends, the condition of the item, and the experience of the pricer. After all the best items are priced, the better items are priced. Finally, the good items are priced. Overall, this triage process may take more time, but it guarantees that the best items make it to the shop floor the fastest.

As part of the triage method of pricing, Goodwill needs to know which items are selling well and which items are not. In addition, accurate item quantities are a must. Using these two figures, Goodwill can forecast which items to produce now.

Here are a couple of reports showing the best selling items:

Sales by Shelf Time
Categories by Value