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About Us

Foresight Automation

Foresight Automation, Inc. was founded in April 2002. Its mission is to assist Small-to-Medium businesses better manage their computing infrastructure. This is achieved through systems automation and a proven methodology. Foresight provides its technology and know-how to customers on a subscription basis.

The power of Foresight’s technology is determined by the data it is allowed to collect. The more comprehensive the data is, the better it models the business environment. At the very least, this knowledge makes IT organizations more informed and proactive. With some additional work, the knowledge gained will impact high-level decision makers.

The founders of Foresight Automation have over 25 years of experience in software development and systems management. Their previous venture was StrataSource, a pioneering IT managed service provider, and before that Relational Data Systems, a database systems integrator.

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