AMI is Easy.
Easy to Deploy. Easy to Use. Easy to Manage.

Try it free for 30 days with zero risk.

Guaranteed ROI

We guarantee it will increase revenue or you pay nothing. Yes, we really are that confident because it works.

Subscription Model

Initial deployment in 3 weeks. Pay as you go. Cancel at any time. Let us earn your business every single day.

Software as a Service

No additional IT staff. Service Level Agreement included for all customers. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

Built For Thrift

Designed for high-volume thrift stores. AMI optimizes DGR operations and provides transparency. This results in accountability for all.

Collect Better Data

Production effectiveness directly impacts sales. Track critical production and sales metrics. Better Data ⇒ Better Decisions ⇒ Better Results

No Surprises

AMI is reliable - no down time in 3+ years. We use a robust hybrid architecture. All changes are fully tested before deployment.

AMI in 30 Minutes

For day-to-day tasks, users are productive in minutes. For more complex tasks, we do the heavy lifting. You CAN leverage technology without all the headaches.

Flexible Pricing

Unit pricing limits the value of donated goods. It also makes price changes laborious and costly. AMI provides detailed pricing analysis and makes price changes easy to do.

Dedicated Support

We provide a named primary support engineer. There is never any finger pointing and issues get resolved quickly. Weekend and after-hours support is included.

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