Hear what people are saying about AMI.

AMI has dramatically increased our ability to develop actionable data, including better management of the quality, sell through, and pricing of our donated goods, and increased visibility of our sorters’ performance. This has resulted in higher average transactions and increased store revenues.

Michael Fox
President and CEO
Goodwill of Silicon Valley

AMI provides us with exactly the kind of information we need to run our business and the results for 2015 reflect that.  This information has changed our production model from being output driven to revenue driven. Now, our store managers are focused on key revenue indicators, quality, and sell through rate.

We saw significant revenue growth linked to production growth without adding store staff and at the same time highlighted training requirements that will further benefit the bottom line ongoing. I am excited to see the impact that AMI will have as the software is upgraded to provide additional reporting and real-time data.

I believe AMI is the solution that all Goodwill agencies should be using.

Chris Baker
Chief Financial Officer
Goodwill of Silicon Valley

AMI provides production and sales information in real-time. I can take immediate action before it’s too late. AMI is a tremendous tool for coaching and employee development. It has given us a road map for success.

Stephen Borasi
Retail Director
Goodwill of Silicon Valley

Our old system made us count up all of our pulled items and remove them from inventory one tag at a time. That took a lot of time and the counts were never accurate. With AMI, we don’t do that any more. It automatically removes donated items from inventory after 4 weeks of selling. AMI saved us hundreds of hours of busywork every week.

Robert Schiltz
Manager of Retail Operations
​ Goodwill of Silicon Valley

Since our original deployment, Foresight has added numerous features based on our feedback like a custom price form, size highlight on price tags, and 2D bar codes. But, what makes Foresight different than other vendors is how quickly they respond to us; it’s almost as if they were anticipating our needs.

Michael Aguilar
Retail District Manager
​ Goodwill of Silicon Valley