AMI Increases DGR Revenue Guaranteed

AMI is the only multi-store DGR management solution to offer a free 30-day live trial. We guarantee it will increase revenue or you pay nothing. No contracts, no excuses, no risks. Sign up now and get your live trial started in 3 weeks.

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AMI vs Traditional POS Systems

Zero Cost Demo SystemX
No Software License FeesX
30-Day Free Live TrialX
Guaranteed ROI in 1 MonthX
No Additional IT Staff NeededX
Weekend and After Hours SupportX
Named Primary Support EngineerX
Service Level AgreementX
Vendor Selection Time6 months1 day
Vendor Selection Cost$100K+$0
Software License Cost$100K+$0
Consulting and Customization Cost$100K+$0
Time to Initial Deployment12 months3 weeks
Cost for Initial Deployment$300K+$0
Full Rollout Time18 months2 months
Full Rollout Cost$350K+$50K
Risk of Not Meeting ROI GoalHighLow
*Fee Estimates are for a typical Goodwill agency that has 25 stores with 4 cash registers and 4 pricing stations per store.
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Customers Love AMI

AMI has dramatically increased our ability to develop actionable data, including better management of the quality, sell through, and pricing of our donated goods, and increased visibility of our sorters’ performance. This has resulted in higher average transactions and increased store revenues.


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