Adaptive Merchandise Identifier

AMI: Comprehensive. Accurate. Efficient.
Adaptive Merchandise Identifier

The ADAPTIVE Merchandise Identifier

The only constant in business is change; opportunities and threats abound. To meet these challenges, thrift stores need a tool that provides visibility into every aspects of their operations  AMI is built from the ground up for the thrift industry and provides that level of visibility.

What retail management system do you use? How well does it meet your needs?

Clear Roadblocks

Don’t let your Retail Solution hold you back.

  • ​Flexible pricing is a competitive advantage – exploit it.
  • Get real-time visibility into your Production and Sales process.
  • Maintain accurate ‘Qty On Hand’ values for donated inventory.
  • Track how long individual items have been sitting on the floor.
  • Automatically remove old donated items from the inventory.
  • Gather hard-to-find data that is critical to your success.
Measure the Right Data
Measure the Right Data

What gets measured, gets improved.

Managers need data to make sound business decisions. Traditional retail solutions are focused on sales. They don’t collect production data. And, the sales data they do collect is based on SKUs. This limits the attributes that can be reported on.

AMI records data at every step of the production and sales process. It is tightly integrated with the POS system so all information is retained. AMI provides real-time data as well as historical data with lightning speed.  The right data makes all the difference.

Empower Pricers
Empower Pricers

Unlock the power of your hidden potential.

Pricers play an important role in the thrift industry. They determine what merchandise is available for sale and at what price. They need the right tool and proper guidance to do their job. AMI is that tool.

With AMI, pricers can be held accountable to the same goals as other employees and offered similar incentives. AMI measures pricers based on the value of the items they sell rather than the items they make. Thus, it can determine each pricer’s contribution to the bottom line.

Weak pricers can be easily spotted and given additional training. In time, all pricers will become more effective leading to consistently higher sales.

Join the Revolution
Join the Revolution

The Revolution has started.

AMI is fully implemented at Goodwill of Silicon Valley and the results are excellent. Without opening additional stores, annual sales growth is 10% and annual production growth is 15%. Even with increasing wages across the Bay Area, profits for 2015 were significantly higher than 2014.

Let our revolutionary technology take you through the 21st century and beyond. Register today to download our Step-by-Step guide on how to increase profits using AMI.